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The RideACycle Foundation wants to encourage cycling – as a form of recreation, sport and as a means to commute to work. One day it hopes to design fundraisers through cycling for a variety of charities.

The RideACycle Foundation will lobby for the rights of cyclists and for laws that offer protection to cyclists through dedicated cycling lanes as well as through support for safety regulations. We hope to work with the government administration to bring about change aimed at encouraging cycling in our cities.

Amongst the activities the foundation plans to undertake are several fun events like a cycle treasure hunt, off road rides for children, dirt track races, and bicycle maintenance workshops.

However, one of the first campaigns that the RideACycle Foundation will undertake is promoting responsible and safe behaviour within the cycling community.

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  1. This is a good movement and needs to be given good publicity in all corners of Bangalore and also in State. I am a retired officer from State Bank of Mysore aged about 63 years. I stay in Yelahanka and intend to take cycling as hobby and also for commuting. Please let me know if there is any branch of your organisation here to enable me to contact them to engage myself in your activities. I also need your advise for purchase of suitable bicycle for me. I am quite fit except a bit of knee pain. I am ready to spend around Rs.10 to 15 thousands on bicycle. Please respond.

    With regards,


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